5 Unconventional Ways To Use Dream Catcher Wall Hangings

Dream catchers have constantly entranced ages. The dazzling native craft item is loved by kids and oldies. Right from the PAN Indian movements in 1960’s till date, Dream catchers have advanced impeccably


Owing to its charismatic nature, they are closely associated with the lovely ladies. WINK! Why not… These wonderful pieces merit a unique place in our lives. In this way, lets push forward in view of this idea and read onto how we can use the dream catchers in various ways.

 Out of all, the accompanying are the most sought dream catcher thoughts on the web..

  1. 1. Decorate your room-Dream catcher curtain

The living rooms are an apt place to employ dream catchers. They adorn the walls and revamp the look and feel of your room. In the event of an empty wall or a dull window pane, try and cover the space with a dream catcher curtain. All you need is to stick different dream catchers together to fill the emptiness. You can likewise include the photos in the ring void and give a personal touch to them. 

  1. 2. Accessorize with Dream catcher jewellery

There are varied ways in which we gals can take advantage of the dream catcher and transform them to jewellery. For instance, they can be used as earrings, bracelets, anklets and neckpieces. One can play around with trinkets and other embellishments and create statement pieces.

  1. 3. Spruce up the keys with Dream catcher keyring

Another way to carry the charm with you is to have a dream catcher keyring. The keys are the most understated objects in our lives. In spite of the fact that they have the ability to abandon us defenceless (in the event that you overlook these), it is evident to couple them and give them another look. Ensure it is of sensible size since we would prefer not to disturb the driving or with the key. 

  1. 4. The charmer- Windchime Dream catcher

Taking dream catchers to another level, is this masterpiece- Dream catcher windchime. Yes… You read it right… A dream catcher in a dream catcher. For this, you need to have a close check at the proximity of the hanging feathers or mini dream catchers or the trimmings so that they do not tangle. 

  1. 5. Lighten up the mood with Dream catcher lamp

The next to join the league, is dream catcher lamp. It is not quite the same as the traditional structure, however the result has a lightning and brightening effect on our senses. You can employ different bulbs and shape a sensational dream catcher. This is the most ideal approach to reuse the old lights and their structures and balance them from the rooftop.

We are amused with such unique and out of the ordinary ways in which dream catcher wall hangings can be put forth and utilised to produce distinct pieces. If you happen to become an entrepreneur after you have tried crafting the above-mentioned pieces, put the dream catchers on sale and get the best of both the worlds.