6 Ways To Lead A Bohemian Lifestyle In The Digital Age

Let’s face it -- a 9-to-5 life where you’re stuck in a cubicle, just to deal with the trappings of the adult world on a daily basis (think mortgage, bills, deadlines, promotions, and the list goes on and on) doesn’t seem too appealing, does it? Which is all the more reason that you are swayed away by the carefree bohemian lifestyle. You wish you could abandon everything and start all over again; a new life that befits your bohemian soul.

Alas, that life is far too out of reach...it’s just wishful thinking.

Stop right there! You don’t need to commit to a full bohemian lifestyle right away. There are ways for you to embrace it one step at a time. To understand what a bohemian lifestyle is all about, let’s have a look at the three doctrines of bohemianism:

  1. Human Beings Are Significant: Bohemians believe they have a powerful life force and should use this power to become unique individuals.

  2. Life Is A Gift: Life is a wonderful gift and that it is meant to be enjoyed, not merely a test. It should be cherished and celebrated.

  3. The Afterlife Is Our Impact On The World: The afterlife consists of the lasting impact the Bohemian has made on other human beings and the world. When a Bohemian dies, they continue in the hearts and minds of humans touched by the Bohemian. 

Using the doctrines as our compass, here are 6 ways you can immediately start living a life as a bohemian in the digital age:

  1. Be responsible for your dreams.

For some people, their passion is as clear as the light of day. For the rest of us, it may take some time for us to discover our calling. Take the time to discover where your passion lies. Then start working on it during your free time. Practice your craft, whatever it may be, even if it means only half an hour per day. Accumulated over a year, you’ve spent a total of 183 hours perfecting your craft. Pressed for time? Aren’t we all are? You just have to pencil in the time in your schedule and make the time.

  1. Fashion as self-expression.

While you may not be able to rock your tie-dye singlet with flip-flops to your corporate-setting office, there are ways you can incorporate bohemian fashion items into your daily outfit. Stack your beaded tassel bracelets on your arm and pair your distressed, ankle boots with tailored blazers - smart boho casual look unlocked! The bohemian element in your outfit shall serve as a reminder for your commitment to lead the bohemian lifestyle.

  1. Celebrate art, literature, and music.

Surround yourself with beautiful things. Take the time to visit the art gallery in your town. Make use of technology to enrich your bohemian life. With Kindle and Spotify, you can discover new music and read books anywhere, anytime. Try losing yourself in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and Anais Nin’s Erotica, if you haven’t. For bohemian tunes, you might want to check out the talented Cillie Barnes and the eclectic bunch, Gogol Bordello.

  1. Nurture deeper relationship with your partner and friends.

How’s the weather? It has been raining a lot lately. Especially in the evening. Great, who cares! Bohemians would avoid shallow, small talks at all costs. Deeper conversations will lead to a deeper, intimate connection and that’s the kind of relationships worth having. It may take familiarity and practice but don’t be afraid to broach into deeper subjects, such as your dreams, fears, life...the possibility is endless.

  1. Take time to smell the roses.

Unplug yourself from technology on a daily basis. Take a walk in the park. Listen to the chirping of the birds. Reconnect with nature by going hiking and camping. Lie down in the garden and watch the clouds floating by. They are all vital to rejuvenate your mind and body.

  1. Be mindful of your impact towards the environment.

‘The afterlife is your impact towards the world’. Your consumption habit today will impact tomorrow’s world. Recycle. Buy in bulk. Refuse plastic. Compost if you can. Purchase from the farmer's market, if possible. Start with something today to foster the habit. 

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Bohemian Manifesto: A Field Guide to Living on the Edge, by Laren Stover: “Bohemianism is not a trend, it’s a timeless movement, a way of life both fleeting and enduring that reappears every now and then as a backlash against our bourgeois, mass market, easy access culture.”