Boho Chic Interesting Décor Ideas for Your Home

If you are thinking about adorning and making your home charming and reminiscent of the bohemian or hippie look, boho chic décor is the answer. For many years now, boho chic has become popular and such popularity is much observed in the making of home decors. If this kind of style is something that you like then here is a wonderful list wherein you can get interesting and unique boho chic décor ideas.

1. Do it Yourself Fabric Scrap Garland

This kind of boho inspired chic décor is an excellent way to add bohemian style to your home. Aside from the fact that it can be easily made, it is also a great way to use and upcycle fabric scraps. All you have to do is hang these leftover fabric scraps with a rope, twine or anything you have on hand. This fabric scrap garland is a perfect decorative piece that you can hang on the bannister of your stair or right in the entryway. In fact, this boho-inspired piece of décor can be hung anywhere in your home that you want to get a touch of bohemian style and charm.

2. Do it Yourself Boho Shabby Mirror

Mirror is something every home has and it is often used every day. How do you like to see your home having a shabby and boho inspired mirror? Well that can be somewhat great especially when you have a great liking on anything that has a touch of boho. You just need an ordinary mirror and have its frame painted with anything that projects bohemian style. You can decorate it with pearls and flowers for a more bohemian appeal. Try to pick a distressed wood for your mirror’s frame as this adds character to your boho-inspired mirror. It can also be a perfect gift for a friend’s upcoming wedding.

3. Do it Yourself Jewelry Hanger

This boho-inspired jewelry hanger is one of the easiest boho chic décor that you can make for your home. All you need to have is a piece of driftwood and a piece of string that you can attach to it to make it hang on your wall. You also need lovely drawer pulls that you can attach on the wood and will serve as the hook for your jewelry pieces. And since driftwood can be found anywhere, you need not to spend just to buy a piece of ornate wood for this project. Don’t forget to paint or apply varnish on the driftwood to make it more appealing to the eye.

4. Do it Yourself Boho Flower Chandelier

Another boho-inspired décor that is easy to make is the boho flower chandelier. To make this project, you will need some dozens of flowers, an embroidery hoop and floral supplies. Attach the flowers to the embroidery hoop and let them hang downward. Now if you want the flowers to last a long period of time then you can just skip the fresh flowers and use silk flowers instead. This also makes a rustic decoration for a wedding.